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Testing out an RSS fix

13 May 2012 10:41 AM (org-blog | rss | test)

I was working on my website yesterday and I noticed that the RSS feed doesn't generate links correctly. So I've changed it, and now I'm trying it out.

Testing org-blog fix

10 May 2012 1:39 AM (emacs | elisp | org-blog | test)

I've just adjusted just a little bit of code in org-blog, and now I want to see if it works correctly.

I was getting the following error message when I would try and export an org-blog project:

Selecting deleted buffer

It turns out that this is because of this little piece of code:

;; if buffer is already open, kill it
(if index-buffer
    (kill-buffer index-buffer))

I'm guessing it wasn't originally meant as a function for org-publish, well it was meant as an index function, but that feature seems to have changed over time. Let's see what can be made of it.

Quick org-blog update

24 April 2012 1:27 AM (org-blog | project)

Apparently there are some things it does seem to do, and some it doesn't, that I didn't realize.

Generate index html

It only generates an `index.org` file, which it then doesn't convert to HTML. That should be fixable.

Generate links

It seems to generate links correctly after all.

A new org-blog

24 April 2012 0:52 AM (org-blog | project)

I've taken it upon myself to update the org-blog.el that was written a long time ago. I want something other than an extra layer over some other system, org-mode has everything a blog needs, but it doesn't generate an RSS feed or a special index page.

There was the org-blog.el, but that uses some old functions that don't exist anymore, so I thought I'd try to update it.

I just barely got it working, as you can see from this post. It generates an RSS feed, but the links don't work. It generates an index page, but no links to the individual pages (not that it needs it, really). It doesn't listen to some of the settings (toc, sections) the rest of the publishing projects do.

I'd also like to have all posts in a single file and use things like a post's category and tags and such.

It'll be interesting to see what else I can fix.