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CLark 0.1.0

3 April 2013 11:04 PM (clark | markam | project | common lisp)

A few days ago I tagged CLark 0.1.0.

CLark is a Common Lisp rewrite of my Markam project, which in turn was a Chicken Scheme rewrite of linkwave. With each rewrite I come a step closer to having the program that I need. Linkwave could only store bookmarks, Markam could also search through them and had a conkeror interface which allowed adding and searching through bookmarks. Now CLark expands upon this by allowing users to edit their bookmark's information, changing the tags, removing bookmarks, writing their own commands, an improved command-line interface and bookmark status checking (bookmarked or not). It also adds commands to conkeror for the data manipulation commands that are new (edit, set-tags, remove) and a mode-line indicator of bookmarked status.

For now it only targets SBCL, but I'm not averse to including others.

The next big step should be adding a mcclim-based GUI for those crazy people who don't like to use the command line.

Markam v0.2.0

16 February 2013 11:37 AM (markam | project)

I've just pushed version 0.2.0 of my project Markam. It took longer than I thought it would. Since storing was still all I wanted to do I had no rush to add anything else. Until now.

Changes include:

  • Add install, uninstall and install-strip targets to the Makefile,
    this should make installing easier.

  • Add simple tag/title searching. Looks through bookmarks for any that
    have been tagged with the given string, or that have it somewhere in
    their title.

  • Add a --script switch, which changes output for both the default and
    search behavior. When this switch is passed to markam it outputs the
    name, description and url of each bookmark, where each bookmark is
    separated by C-^ (Record separator) and each field by C-_ (Unit separator). This should help in building tools around it by making
    parsing somewhat easier. The bundled Conkeror interface uses it.

  • Update the Conkeror interface:

    • Add the commands markam-find-url and markam-find-url-new-buffer.
      These call markam with a possible search string and add them as
      completion candidates, for easy searching and opening of your
      bookmarks. markam-find-url uses the current buffer and
      markam-find-url-new-buffer opens the url in a new buffer.

dispass.el features

20 January 2013 5:06 PM (DisPass | dispass.el | project)

Today I've added 3 new features to dispass.el:

  • Add support for different algorithms.

  • Add support for different sequence numbers.

  • Add support for different labelfiles.

With these changes the functionality offered in dispass.el should be on-par with the ones found in DisPass, which is a nice milestone.

There is one little bug that we're both working on at the moment, if you have a label that is also a substring of one of your other labels it won't work in dispass.el, but we're working on fixing this case in DisPass.

Now we wait untill DisPass gets another release and as of then we will try and keep up with both the stable releases of DisPass and the development version.


3 July 2012 2:25 AM (gitto | project | scheme | guile | git)

I've been meaning to do two things for quite some time:

  • Write a utility for tracking the status of my various git

  • Write a program in Guile scheme.

A few days ago I accomplished both and I named it gitto.

It is a simple utility that allows you to register some repositories on your computer and it will list how many changes there are to push and pull, if the working directory is "dirty" and how old the last known commit on the upstream branch it, which it shows as last updated.

More details can be found here, including a link to the source. It requires at least guile 2.0.x and some version of git.

I still have to at least add docstrings and perhaps even a texinfo document, and I haven't released any version yet, but feel free to try it and be sure to let me know any suggestions/complaints/rants/bugs you might have or find.

New config project

28 June 2012 9:28 PM (org-mode | literate programming | config | project)

After reading that it was very easy to use Literate Programming for one's emacs init file and discovering that it's also a lot of fun to do, I was thinking that I could easily use this for all my configuration files.

Of course, not all programs have org-babel, so they can't all have something like this in their init file:

(require 'org)
(require 'ob-tangle)

(org-babel-load-file "~/.emacs.d/rinit.org")

Which, for emacs, tangles (extracts the code) and then loads the generated file. So something else has to be done.

On the other side of things, I, fairly recently, had a run-in with some Makefiles, which got me thinking that make is a very interesting tool and that it could be used to help with a lot of other tasks as well, much like I perceive Rake does. I just wasn't able to find where exactly it would fit (other than, of course, as compilation instructions for my projects).

Now, yesterday I got the idea of using org-mode to literate-program all my configuration files and then use make to tangle and install them. This would mean that I could easily keep documentation about decisions in configuration files and such in an easy to read format, easily export these files to somewhere on the web and practice my make skills to make everything easy.

Here is the result. I'm still working on it, as you can see my emacs init file still has a long way to go, my focus is on getting it in org-mode first and actually get it well-documented later. I've published it here, what I have at least, in case you would like to read about my mostly uninteresting configuration files.

Quick org-blog update

24 April 2012 1:27 AM (org-blog | project)

Apparently there are some things it does seem to do, and some it doesn't, that I didn't realize.

Generate index html

It only generates an `index.org` file, which it then doesn't convert to HTML. That should be fixable.

Generate links

It seems to generate links correctly after all.

A new org-blog

24 April 2012 0:52 AM (org-blog | project)

I've taken it upon myself to update the org-blog.el that was written a long time ago. I want something other than an extra layer over some other system, org-mode has everything a blog needs, but it doesn't generate an RSS feed or a special index page.

There was the org-blog.el, but that uses some old functions that don't exist anymore, so I thought I'd try to update it.

I just barely got it working, as you can see from this post. It generates an RSS feed, but the links don't work. It generates an index page, but no links to the individual pages (not that it needs it, really). It doesn't listen to some of the settings (toc, sections) the rest of the publishing projects do.

I'd also like to have all posts in a single file and use things like a post's category and tags and such.

It'll be interesting to see what else I can fix.

Another approach

14 March 2012 0:00 AM (meta | project)

I thought I'd give having the website another try, except this time I'd take a different approach.

There are many fun/cool/interesting places, communities and sites to join and to post things on or to or at. I thought it might be an interesting idea to gather it all up and show it in one place.

So I've written a very simple RSS parser that just goes through a few RSS feeds and puts all the posts together. Now I barely have to maintain a site in order to have one, which makes things very easy for me.