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New tag pages

3 April 2013 3:33 AM (tekuti | meta | dispass.el)

I've changed my tekuti instance to have tag pages that look more like the index page. I did this so that I can use tag pages as news pages for my various projects. You may have a look at the dispass.el project site to see the new "Read News" link, which will take you to the dispass.el tag page.

Guess what's back

3 October 2012 10:24 PM (org-mode | tekuti | meta | emacs | elisp | coding | blogging)

A while ago I wrote a couple of functions in GNU Emacs to help me with blogging using tekuti. I don't know how, but I somehow accidentally deleted the file these functions were in and didn't have the energy to retrieve it.

Today I wanted to blog a little again and so I rewrote the functions from last time, but this time hopefully a little better. I'm now fully dependent on org-mode and use its comment/property syntax to manage tekuti's metadata.

I've already put it in a temporary spot for safe keeping, I'll move it somewhere else when I have a little more of it.

The functions I'll still want to add include:

  • Editing the posts I've written in org, showing the options I used
    for them in the usual way.

  • Automatic committing, this shouldn't be too hard since I've also
    written an emacs minor mode that does this.

  • Easy saving, listing and continuing of drafts, right now I'm just
    placing org files in my $HOME directory.

And anything else that I can come up with later.

Once more

10 August 2012 0:07 AM (meta | tekuti)

Once again I'm trying something new. This time it's tekuti, written in scheme, or guile more specifically, and running on lighttpd with modlisp. It's an interesting experiment.

I don't know if org-blog doesn't suit my needs or if its just that the new toy has lost its shine, but I've had an itch to try tekuti and now I'm scratching it.

Let's hope it sticks this time.