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Another way to get a selection

3 May 2012 10:04 AM (emacs | elisp | org-mode | coding)

When I was first looking into improving my mailbox selection function I was looking at how to just ask the user for input with completions. Though now that I came across tmm-prompt I really prefer this way of working, at least in this case.

However, today another function was mentioned, in response to someone pointing out org-completing-read: completing-read. Wow that's a far leap.


(completing-read "Your favorite color: "
                 '("red" "green" "blue" "yellow"))

This will ask for user input and provide these options as completions, but it won't show a list of options, of provide shortcuts, like tmm-prompt does.

It's good to know these things, and I really should read both the emacs manual and the emacs lisp reference manual at some point.

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