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3 July 2012 2:25 AM (gitto | project | scheme | guile | git)

I've been meaning to do two things for quite some time:

  • Write a utility for tracking the status of my various git

  • Write a program in Guile scheme.

A few days ago I accomplished both and I named it gitto.

It is a simple utility that allows you to register some repositories on your computer and it will list how many changes there are to push and pull, if the working directory is "dirty" and how old the last known commit on the upstream branch it, which it shows as last updated.

More details can be found here, including a link to the source. It requires at least guile 2.0.x and some version of git.

I still have to at least add docstrings and perhaps even a texinfo document, and I haven't released any version yet, but feel free to try it and be sure to let me know any suggestions/complaints/rants/bugs you might have or find.

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