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Literate Emacs init

9 June 2012 1:19 AM (emacs | literate programming | org-mode)

A little while back I saw Sacha Chua mention using org-mode for literate programming. I'd heard of literate programming, but its use escaped me. Still, reading that and looking at what noweb is I started thinking that it would indeed be a great way of documenting code, especially something like my emacs init file, since that is not a serious software project and some weird stuff goes on in there.

I still didn't really get the hang of it. It seemed like a lot of work to get into it and how exactly it fit together with using org-mode didn't really hit me so I pushed it aside for the moment.

Today I see her presenting her new literately programmed init file with some links to other resources and I just had to try it too.

I haven't gotten very far yet, but what I have so far I have put here. It's just the generated HTML file, no org source, and I'm still messing around with the colors and stuff, but it's fun to see the result already.

I don't know if I'm actually going to use it, since my init file's sloc count is 1038 and its total line count is 1280 lines I fear that adding even more documentation (= lines) would make my init file very bulky. It is still fun to see and experiment with, though.

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