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Markam v0.2.0

16 February 2013 11:37 AM (markam | project)

I've just pushed version 0.2.0 of my project Markam. It took longer than I thought it would. Since storing was still all I wanted to do I had no rush to add anything else. Until now.

Changes include:

  • Add install, uninstall and install-strip targets to the Makefile,
    this should make installing easier.

  • Add simple tag/title searching. Looks through bookmarks for any that
    have been tagged with the given string, or that have it somewhere in
    their title.

  • Add a --script switch, which changes output for both the default and
    search behavior. When this switch is passed to markam it outputs the
    name, description and url of each bookmark, where each bookmark is
    separated by C-^ (Record separator) and each field by C-_ (Unit separator). This should help in building tools around it by making
    parsing somewhat easier. The bundled Conkeror interface uses it.

  • Update the Conkeror interface:

    • Add the commands markam-find-url and markam-find-url-new-buffer.
      These call markam with a possible search string and add them as
      completion candidates, for easy searching and opening of your
      bookmarks. markam-find-url uses the current buffer and
      markam-find-url-new-buffer opens the url in a new buffer.

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