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Clean completions

9 July 2014 4:19 AM (emacs | tips | visual)

Today's post is very short. In my quest to make GNU Emacs look ever better I thought about something new (to me). Not all buffers need have a mode line. As such I will now turn off the mode line for completion-list-mode, since that only shows up for a short while and I've so far never had any trouble distinguishing it from other buffers.

(add-hook 'completion-list-mode-hook
          (lambda () (setq mode-line-format nil)))

Now, whenever a completion buffer pops up, it'll use all the space available, including the line where the mode line used to be. If it shows up just above the minibuffer (which for me it always has done) it looks more like a part of the same thing instead of two separate windows.

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