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16 August 2014 10:39 PM (projects | wordpress | small-recent-posts)

I���ve been reading Professional WordPress Plugin Development the last few weeks and I finally got around to putting some of what I���ve read (a tiny bit) to use.

I���ve written my first WordPress plugin. It���s part of a larger project of mine to replace my Org-mode powered static site with WordPress and learn about WordPress plugin development along the way.

Right now, it only shows the 5 latest posts, much like the widgets in the side-bar and admin area do (except with less options I���m sure). My plans are simple, just a number of posts and possibly a tag or category.

For now I don���t have any place for you to see it in action, but hopefully soon. To use it just add [[recent]] anywhere in your post or page. It is meant to be used in pages, but there is no technical reason why it couldn���t also be used in posts.

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