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Yoshi Theme 6

8 September 2015 9:00 AM (yoshi-theme | emacs | projects)

According to github I released version 6 of my Yoshi theme 8 days ago. Consequently I uploaded it to Marmalade. I felt I should mention that, and it also gives me an excuse to write something.

This new version brings a newly added CHANGELOG, inspired by Keep a CHANGELOG. It doesn't completely follow the format suggested in there because it's in Org mode format and because I felt I could style this format better than the one they propose, at least when using Org mode. I still need to export it to somewhere nice.

Since the last release, which I don't think anyone has ever seen, there have been some major changes in magit's faces, so those have been added. The original ones are also still there in the hopes that anyone using an older version will still have nice colors.

I've also removed some color variations because I felt they were impurities in the theme. I don't think they actually bring anything to the table and it looks cleaner with just the basic set of colors.

If you have any suggestions, wishes, questions or insults you want to throw my way, please do so in the issue tracker.

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